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Support for Young People and Schools

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“Sandwell Women’s Aid plays an important part in our school team, (She) is not seen as one of us and her independence is vital. Her work has been pioneering. Her insight into young people and her ability to get the best from everyone provides us with a supportive environment that is best for learning.” Mentor Manager, Oldbury College of Sport

Sandwell Women’s Aid has a long history of working with staff and pupils in Sandwell primary and secondary schools and youth settings.  Our Community Development Team and specialist Young People’s Domestic and Sexual Violence Worker can provide a number of awareness and support programmes that:

    • Provide free domestic violence, sexual violence and sexual exploitation awareness training for children, young people and professionals who work directly with them
    • Challenge negative myths and stereotypes held around domestic violence, gender and culture
    • Provide information, skills and knowledge to allow children and young people to access support networks
    • Identify potential/current victims of abuse and offer them further support


Group Support and PHSE awareness sessions

The purpose of group work is to enable young people to understand and better identify risk factors of sexual exploitation, sexual violence and domestic abuse, and the links to other social factors such as substance misuse.  Each programme is a fun and informative package which offers young people triggers and pointers for discussion. Sandwell Women’s Aid staff will deliver these programmes in schools and can also offer full training and use of the programmes to schools staff.

Venues can be anywhere that young people access such as schools, youth centres and children’s homes to name a few.

Trapped logoTRAPPED (Teenage Relationship Abuse) Programme

The TRAPPED (Teenage Relationship Abuse) programme was developed in partnership with the Home Office and West Midlands Police. The programme offers lessons and workshops that raise awareness and challenge young people’s attitudes and beliefs, and works within the national curriculum framework for PHSE.  Prior to delivery SWA will work with schools/youth centres to identify needs and expected outcomes as well as all safeguarding practices.  For more about TRAPPED, please visit our Resources page.


Viva logoVulnerable Individuals Voicing Action (VIVA)

Following on from the delivery of TRAPPED those identified as at risk are invited to a 6 week group support programme. The programme further explores risks to educate and empower participants, and where appropriate offers one to one work with the young person who is/potentially being exploited. Maximum numbers are 12. 

The course covers the following topics:

  • Confidence/self esteem building
  • Risk taking
  • Healthy relationships: friends, family and intimate; safeguarding our heart and mind
  • Trusted adults
  • Respecting ourselves, our emotional well-being
  • Person centred planning – focus on our futures
  • Train the Trainer for peer delivery

 Parental consent and safeguarding procedures will be observed at all times.

‘Before they came to the school I would never have said anything to any of the teachers, my mom never told anyone and neither did my sister, but at the group it was ok for me to say what had happened to me. I used to self harm all the time but now I am coping much better. The group taught me not to feel small anymore and more able to say no.”


In addition to the schools work, we offer three two-hour workshops to youth centres, which cover issues such as domestic violence, rape, sexual violence and exploitation.

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