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Support for Asian women


“Since coming to this country I only ever knew my husband and his family, who used to hurt me and keep me locked in the house. I then found Humdard. They helped me to regain my confidence and rebuild my life. Now I have a happy life, I have made friends from the refuge, my English has improved and I can now do things on my own”

There is a serious under-reporting of domestic abuse and violence within the South Asian community: women from minority ethnic communities take an average of ten years before leaving a violent relationship.  We offer a number of culturally sensitive, multi lingual services specifically for South Asian women who have suffered domestic violence, or been a victim of honour crimes or family abuse.

    • Humdard Refuge provides safe, secure, supportive accommodation to South Asian women and their children escaping domestic abuse
    • Humdard Resettlement provides support to women resettling into the community after or during their escape from domestic abuse


Humdard’s support staff will work with you at your own pace and on your own terms, offering you the support to rebuild your life including:

    • One to one emotional support
    • Culturally sensitive support in a number of South Asian languages including Urdu, Mirpuri and Punjabi
    • Safety planning
    • Support and prevention of forced marriages and honour killings
    • Assistance with both civil and criminal cases including child custody
    • Immigration advocacy
    • Referral for one-to-one counselling
    • Support and advocacy with housing, welfare benefits, education, training and employment
    • Support with all aspects of setting up a new home such as utilities, tenancy agreements , schools and getting to know the local area
    • Advocacy ensuring that your views, opinions and wishes are listened to and respected by all agencies


All services are confidential and follow professional codes of practice. This service is provided via The Supporting People Programme.

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